Best Ovulation Test

Best Ovulation Test – Questions about Fertility Monitors

The best ovulation test can be your companion to help you fulfill your dream of becoming a mother. In the past, you tried all your best to prevent pregnancy. But now that you are ready to conceive, you wonder why getting pregnant seems so difficult. Pregnancy happens when you know how to track your ovulation and when you go through fertility awareness procedures. Although there are natural ways to predict your fertile days, you can use advanced equipments to help you.

How does the best ovulation test work?

The best ovulation test works by detecting the changes in the body’s electrolyte level which is caused by the female hormone estrogen. By looking at these changes, you will have a clue when to spend your intimate moments with your partner. Instead of checking for the electrolytes found in the saliva, some monitors directly check for the luteinizing hormone. According to health experts, the hormone peaks 24-48 hours before the actual ovulation. By checking the levels of the hormone in urine, you can prepare yourself for you sexual contact.

Are ovulation tests accurate?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions about the best ovulation test. Of course, women do not want to spend and place their hope into something that is inaccurate and unreliable. Fertility monitors offer different accuracy rate. They range from 60% to 99%. You can just check for the accuracy rate of the product. Make it as your primary consideration when buying your equipment.

What is ovulation?

Ovulation refers to the release of egg cell from the ovary. It happens only once a month, usually in the middle of the cycle. For example, if you have a 28-day cycle, day 14 is the most probable time that you will ovulate. If you have a sexual contact during this time, you have high chances of getting pregnant.

When is the best time to test?

Health experts and manufacturers of the best ovulation test accepts specimen anytime of the day. However, the first morning specimen is most recommended as it represents the hormone level better and it has less risk for interfering substances. If you take it in the middle of the day, reduce your fluid intake for urine-based tests and clean your mouth for saliva-based procedures.

How long should I wait after using the best ovulation test?

You should give an allowable time to yourself and reasonable expectation about the fertility monitor. Even when using the best ovulation test, it may take several months before you get pregnant. It may take 6 months to 12 months before you get a positive pregnancy result. This is because there are other factors that affect your goal.

What hinders me from getting pregnant?

The best ovulation test cannot get you pregnant if you do not eliminate the factors that hinder conception. Your unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet and stress have negative effects in your goal. If you want to become a mother soon, you have to quit your bad habits and live a healthier life.

You may have loads of questions about the best ovulation test. To gather more information about the procedure, read reviews before you purchase the product.