Fertility Blend for Men

Fertility Blend for Men is a scientifically proven natural male fertility vitamin supplement designed to specifically improve sperm quality, sperm quantity and sperm motility (movement towards the egg).

Many times people think that infertility is only a female problem, that is not the case.

Men account of 50% of all known causes of infertility, while women account for the other 50%.

While the most common causes of male infertility being poor sperm count, motility and quality.

With that being said, it is extremely important as a man to do what you can to boost the health and vitality of your sperm.

Fertility Blend for Men

As mentioned, Fertility Blend for Men can do just that – increase both your sperm quality and quantity with no side effects.

Fertility Blend for Men reviews have been featured in numerous media outlets including Woman’s World, ABC News, The Wall Street Journal, CBS 3 Philadelphia, The Washington Times, Redbook, Self Magazine, EPregnancy Magazine, Today’s Black Woman Magazine, and more.

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Fertility Blend for Men Ingredients

The specific proprietary blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals is really the reason why Fertility Blend for Men is so successful.

This formula really helps to address many of the reasons and causes of poor sperm.  The following are some of the ingredients in Fertility Blend for Men.  A full list of ingredients in Fertility Blend for Men can be found on the right hand side of the page.

  • The amino acid L-Carnitine been shown to be critical to the proper formation of healthy, active sperm.
  • The Chinese herb Dong Quai, which contains ferulic acid, has been shown to improve sperm quality.
  • The antioxidants vitamin C and E, green tea and selenium improve overall reproductive health.
  • Zinc and the B (Vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid) are critical nutrients in the male reproductive system for proper hormone metabolism, sperm formation and motility.

Fertility Blend for Men Dosage

Each bottle of FertilityBlend for men contains 60 vitamin supplements and will last you for one month.

Take two Fertility Blend for Men male fertility vitamins a day for at least 3 months for optimal results.  To increase your chances of conception even further, make sure you partner takes Fertility Blend for Women at the same time.

If your partner is taking any fertility drugs such as Clomid or undergoing surgical procedures such as IVF you can still take Fertility Blend for Men.