Fertility Blend for Women

Fertility Blend for Women is a clinically proven fertility vitamins for women, these supplements help women to conceive by naturally optimizing their hormonal and menstrual cycle.

The specific patented blend of amino acids, herbs, vitamins and minerals in FertilityBlend for Women works harmoniously to boost female reproduction.

Fertility Blend for Women is all natural and has no side effects unlike many fertility drugs on the market.

Clomid for example has many unwanted side effects, some of which are very serious, including enlarged ovaries, insomnia, vision problems and more.

Fertility Blend for Women Ingredients

A full list of the Fertility Blend for Women Ingredientscan be found on the right hand side of this page.

Let’s look at these fertility boosting ingredients more in depth.

  • The herb Chasteberry or Vitex enhances LH production causing an increase in progesterone, favoring corpus luteum production.  It is an excellent hormonal and ovulation balancer.
  • Green tea, vitamin E, and selenium have all been added to help reverse oxidative damage that occurs with aging and environmental damage, and to boost overall reproductive health.
  • Fertility Blend for Women also include folic acid which helps in the reduction of specific birth defects (neural tube defects) in babies
  • Vitamin B6 has been shown to improve fertility rates, as well as treat symptoms of PMS in women.
  • Iron, zinc and magnesium are all important and essential nutrients to help promote a healthy pregnancy and increase fertility.
  • For vegans and vegetarians who don’t get enough B12 in their diets, Fertility Blend for Women contains 200% of the RDI of B12.
  • The amino acid L-arginine has also been added to help the female body to maintain a healthy uterine lining and stimulate the reproductive organs by increasing circulation to the area.

Fertility Blend for Women Dosage

Each bottle of FertilityBlend for Women contains 90 vitamin supplements and will last your for one month.

Take 3 capsules of Fertility Blend for Women a day for at least 3 months for maximum results.

Your partner should also be taking Fertility Blend for Men during this time.

If you get pregnant, stop taking Fertility Blend immediately.

As with any supplement, check with your doctor beforehand to make sure that it is okay.