Fertility Blend Success Stories

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Fertility Blend For Men Success Stories

My husband started taking Fertility Blend for Men in July after his initial dx was poor morphology (3% normal). The doctors told us that we would most likely not conceive without IVF. At his follow-up in November, his morphology improved to 6% which took him out of the subfertile range. The doctors are pleased with the results and have confidence that we can now conceive without IVF. I believe the vitamins improved his numbers. I think his numbers will continue to improve the longer he takes the supplements. I would definitely recommend this product.

One thing to mention, for any of you who are not good at reading directions like my husband. The serving size is 2 capsules. My husband was only taking 1 a day the first couple weeks – oops! – Donae A. Hedden “DH”

Hello my name is Lori and I just wanted to let you know that your product does really work. My husband had a low sperm count with clumping and we bought this product and tried it for 3 months and the motility is a lot better at 42%, they want it at 50% but not really bad and the count was up from 20 million to 72 million, which is awesome!!!! And the clumping we were concerned about was improved dramatically!!! Very little clumping….I just wanted to let you know about this!!!
I would recommend this product!!! Sincerely yours, Lori

I have been taking your men’s Fertility Blend supplement for three months and my counts are now Normal! YES! My wife and I have been trying IUI for almost a year and trying to get pregnant for 4 years now. No success. I also took Clomid (yes a male has taken this) about a year ago and that did not bring my counts up to above normal range like the men’s Fertility Blend supplement has! After almost 5 years of trying and having problems this supplement has been a blessing! – Roy

Just wanted to share my husband’s Semen analysis results with you. We were told his semen analysis was so poor that we would have to do IVF to have a child. He has been taking Fertility blend supplements for 4 months now and the doctor said is was like night & day.

Pre Fertility Blend Analysis
Fluid Volume: 1.3 mL
Sperm density: 16.9million/mL(total sperm)
Sperm Motility: 60%
Morphology: 1% normal – Total head defects 64% – Total tail defects 29% – Total midpiece defects 6%. – Many sperm had a small acroeome region. (??)

After 4 months of taking Fertility Blend
Fluid Volume 1.5 mL
Sperm density 54 million/mL (total sperm)
Sperm Motility 54%
Morphology 9% normal

Everything is within normal range except for the Morphology which is just 1% below normal
We’re not pregnant yet – but our fertility future looks much brighter. YEAH!!

Thank you, Tabitha & Jonathan

I just wanted to share with you my story. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 2 years and 7 months. We have seen more fertility experts, urologists, ob/gyn, etc. than I can count. My husbands sperm count one month ago was under 12 million, (normal is 40 million) and within one month on Fertility Blend for menhis sperm count was up to 30 million. We have not conceived yet, but this outcome alone was great news. Thank you so much for the new found hope that you have given us!! We will keep you posted. – Jason and Eryn

Fertility Blend For Women Success Stories

“My cycles definitely regulated… after the first three months we had a follow-up blood draw at Stanford and my hormonal levels changed significantly… 6 months later, at first I didn’t believe it, I took a pregnancy test here at home and it came out positive! – Natasha Cartwright (Because of PCOS, her doctors had given her little chance of conceiving naturally.)

I have PCOS, have been through many reproductive problems and have been trying to conceive for over 6 years. After seeing a reproductive endocrinologist, I found that my luteal phase is too short because my body doesn’t produce enough progesterone. He recommended expensive fertility drugs and treatment. Instead I did my research and opted for FertilityBlend. My luteal phase lengthened the very first month. I ovulated 4 days earlier than I ever have, and that was just the first month! I now have hope that I may get pregnant without fertility drugs! – M. Allison Hancock “Allison”

This product is amazing. After going off the pill, I didn’t get my period for over eight months. My doctor put me on the provera hormone challenge which did produce some bleeding. However, no natural bleeding occurred for several months. I decided to try fertility blend before spending too much money on prescription fertility treatments. I was on fertility blend for a little over 2 WEEKS when I got my period!!! This product definitely is working. I would definitely recommend it. – Lisa M. Kirby

I took this for 2 months for a mini IVF cycle and became pregnant. We tried IVF a 2nd time without taking Fertility Blend and did not become pregnant. We are trying our 3rd cycle and have been on the product for 3 months. My ovulation symptoms are a little more noticeable but totally worth it. – Mary Julie

Ladies this thing works. I had a D & C about 2 weeks ago and i purchased this here few days after the procedure and i past Friday i started with ovulation pain on my right side just like ovarian pain. Crazy stuff! I am still recovering, though! I am not thinking in getting pregnant till my next cycle. Good luck to all! – Rico

I just wanted to thank your company for this great blend. We have been trying to get pregnant for a year. We had no trouble the first time but 5 years later we decided to try for a second but my cycles were wacky and I had severe PMS and found out I was anemic.

I started your vitamins 5 months ago and my last three cycles have been perfect 30 day cycles and my PMS is almost all gone and my anemia under control. Your vitamins have not helped me get pregnant yet but they have helped me claim back my life. My PMS was ruling my life with wicked physical and mental symptoms and 99% of the symptoms have either disappeared or lessened to a manageable degree. I am also no longer anemic in my blood work and this is the only vitamin I have been taking. Thanks, Sharon

From the beginning, Fertility Blend helped to regulate my BBT and help produce more egg white mucus which helped me know when I was about to ovulate. I noticed that my LH phases went from 15 days to 12 days, but my cycle length still varied. I took FB for 4 consecutive months 3 times a day. My boyfriend also took FB for Men for 3 months. I had only been trying to get pregnant for 3 months before FB. The reason I went on it was because I was most concerned with my hormone balances. I have PCOS and was afraid that my LH phases were not good enough to produce mature eggs. I am now about 5 weeks pregnant and can’t wait till July when my baby will be born. I’ve already had one early ultrasound to make sure everything was okay and so far so good. Thank You! Bianca