Infertility Treatment Success Rate

What is the current infertility treatment success rate?

The current infertility success rates in the United States is about 50% per cycle of treatment. 20 years ago, it was closer to just 15%. Obviously, modern technology is improving and advancing. One might think that a 50% success rate is pretty good. But when you consider how much money you are spending on one cycle of treatment, most people feel they cannot afford to fail. A common misconception is that the odds of success increase over the number of cycles. This is not true – each treatment has the same chance of working, and a couple can engage in 5 treatments and still not conceive.

As many as 15% of couples in the United States experience infertility. It is very common, and actually has become more common, even though modern technology is increase the infertility success rates among the couples who can afford to use it. This is because the average American’s diet is much less healthier and natural that it was a few decades ago. We don’t eat as much organic food, and modern farms make the food mildly toxic by using chemicals, preservatives, and genetic engineering. Our bodies cannot properly digest and use these foods to their fullest, and whatever nutrients are left are not enough.

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