Ovulation Monitor

How Ovulation Monitor Works?

Ovulation monitors are the products of several decades of research in the field of medicine. The products help women who experience difficulty in getting pregnant to conceive a baby and less frequently, those who want to avoid pregnancy. By knowing the exact time of ovulation, you can predict the timing of your sexual contact. To help you understand more about the product, here are the basic facts that you should know.


The principle of ovulation monitor is based on the changes of hormones in the different body secretions.  Ovulation refers to the release of egg cells from the ovaries. Once the egg cells come out, they are ready to be fertilized. While travelling to the reproductive tract, hormones are released to prepare the uterus for implantation. All throughout the menstrual cycle, the level of female hormones varies from one time to another. The hormone can influence the electrolyte level in the saliva or can be secreted in the urine. By checking on these specimens, you can detect your most possible ovulation day.


There are several brands of ovulation monitor. Many of them offer at least 90% accuracy rate. However, they differ in the test procedures and specimen used. If you want to correctly track your period, you can buy any of them from pharmacy stores or place an order from online sites. For others, you may get them from your doctor’s office. One of the highly recommended brands of ovulation monitor is the OvaCue. You can read reviews about it if you want to know more about its work and its efficiency in giving accurate results.


You may be thinking of how else you can reduce your frustration in detecting your fertile windows. It is understandable that the pressure around is you is enough. Thus, erroneous guessing should not add up to your stress level. By taking accurate and reliable ovulation monitor, you can schedule the most appropriate time to have your intimate moments with your partner. Because they are easy to interpret, you do not have to consult a professional about this. You can keep your secret to your own. You can effectively program your pregnancy without hassle. You can say good bye to frustrations. Within one to three months, you have higher assurance of getting a positive pregnancy result.


There are some ovulation monitors that do not consider the fluctuations in hormone level. Thus, you may have erroneous results if you have an irregular cycle. To get accurate readings, you have to be careful in choosing your ovulation monitor. If possible, you should also work hand in hand with your doctor to get better results.

Failure to conceive a baby for the first year of your sexual relationship does not mean that you are infertile. Fertility covers a wide variety of factors. Aside from your hormone level, your diet, lifestyle and mindset affect your reproductive health. If you want to make the ovulation monitor more effective, learn the various ways on how you can modify your current lifestyle to make your body more conducive for the new miracle of life.