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If you feel you have been plagued by infertility, then stones for fertility may be the answer for you. There are a wide variety of semi-precious stones for fertility available in the world.

Which stones are for fertility depends on the connection you feel to them.

Some women report feeling drawn to a certain stone and after having it in their possession for a short period of time their infertility issues are resolved.

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It may be as simple as seeing a picture of that particular stone or even being drawn to a stone on a beach or hiking trail.

Stones such as those which are egg shaped, rose quartz, Mexican fire opal, emerald, moonstone, and garnet are all good choices of stones for fertility. These semi-precious stones for fertility have been used for centuries by women around the world.

For example, legend has it that pearls are strong for fertility because of the time and persistence it takes an oyster to make a single pearl. In the same way, it takes time and patience to simply create a unique child. Ironically enough, oysters are also one of the greatest aphrodisiacs.

Another great choice of which stones are for fertility includes the emerald. Not only are emeralds a symbol of fertility, but they possess the powers and assets to bring thriving love, ensure peace between partners and bring happiness and good fortune, all of which can come in handy when preparing for baby.

Stones for fertility, sometimes referred to as a type of “energy medicine”, can bring strength, poise and confidence and increase the common well-being necessary for optimal fertility. You may be wondering what healing properties these semi-precious stones for fertility possess.

Rose quartz helps to achieve emotional balance. Moonstone balances hormonal and menstrual cycles of women and helps to alleviate swelling. Garnet is associated with courage, sensuality, vitality, passion and love as well as boosting sexual energy. These medicinal type properties for which stones are for fertility are the reason they are increasingly popular among men and women with infertility issues.

Choosing stones for fertility does not have to be hard. As far as which stones are for fertility varies from person to person. If one does not seem to work for you, personally, then remember that there is a wide array available that have worked wonders in different women. Most likely you will feel drawn to use a certain stone.

Try to let it pick you and your results will be much better than if you were to just buy any old stone. Most often, even the image of semi-precious stones for fertility will radiate the stone’s energy allowing you to see whether or not it is the right stone for you.

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